Lai Hobu (Sumba)

Mission Post information

Yan Laki Nggela  and wife Ura Ana

The post of Lai Hobu has a small church building about 7 x 5 metres in size. Worship services are held there every Sunday.

Along with the members of Lai Hobu they also have unbelievers coming every Sunday to listen to the gospel. The consistory of Kataka has appointed a capable elder to serve the group at this mission post. The name of this elder is Yan Laki Nggela. He is married and has 2 young children.  At the moment this elder needs to travel back and forth every weekend which is about 60km away from Kataka along a broken winding mountain road. The plan is to have elder Yan along with his family move to Lai Hobu. The congregation of Lai Hobu have already prepared some land for a manse and also collected timber.

Evangelist details:

Evangelist: Yan Laki Nggela, born 1 January, 1985.

Wife: Uru Ana Hida, born 8 September, 1985.

Children: Endianto Laki Neggela (Boy), born 11 December, 2005; Fendianto Laki Nggela (Boy), born 28 April, 2010

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