Hanggaroru (Sumba)


Rev Anton Praing (left) is the evangelist at Hanggaroru. 

Here is a photo of him and his wife Enjelita and one of his daughters Susanti (right). His daughter Diana (aged 6) lives with another family in Kataka, because school is too far away. The picture below shows Rev Anton with his wife Enjelita and their Youngest daughter Susanti. (The baby belongs to Rev Benyamin Rohi.)

Evangelist Details:

Evangelist: Rev Antonius Delu Oli Praing - born October 13, 1975.

Wife: Enjelita Rambu Hara Adji - born 6 August, 1978

Children: Diana Oli Praing (Girl), born 22 September, 2007; Susanti Oli Praing (Girl), born 23 June, 2009


Mission Post Info:

This post began in 1998. There are approx. 150 members in this congregation (Oct 2013). There are plans for this mission post to be instituted as a church in 2015. 

Bible Study occurs twice a week. Members of the church gather together to hear a message from the Minister and have a small collection for the church. Members travel from far away and take turns having bible study in different houses. Bible study is done in the afternoon before it gets dark as most places don't have electricity. There is a video below of a Bible study session held in a member's house. 

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