The Mission Committee is made up of members of the Free Reformed Churches of Rockingham and is supported by the Free Reformed Church of Baldivis. This committee meets on a regular basis to discuss it's support for the Mission work. Each year this committee makes 2 visits to the posts it supports in Sumba, Indonesia. 

On these visits, the delegates visit the various posts and meet with the consistories of the sending churches to discuss the progress and needs of each post.

Committee members

Chairman & Agendas:  Rev Dr Roger Dean Anderson (FRC Rockingham)

TreasurerBr Quent Slobe (FRC Baldivis)

Correspondence English:  Br Shannon Reitsema (FRC Rockingham) 

Correspondence Indonesian: Br Brian Bosveld (FRC Baldivis)

Minutes:  Br Ben Kramer (FRC Rockingham)

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