A brief history

The Free ReFormed church of Rockingham early in 2001 received 2 letters of request. 1 from the GGRI Kataka and 1 from the GGRI Wandaronggu, both requesting support for the work of mission in the Island of Sumba as the Dutch sister churches were ending their support for new mission posts.

First visit 2001. Rev vanDelden and Brian Bosveld were delegated by the Church of Rockingham to investigated this request and visited Sumba (along with brother John Bosveld a current member of the Deputies contact with Indonesia and member of FRC of Mount Nasura) in response to these requests, to see if there was a need to support this request and how best to give this report.

During this visit, meetings were held together with the consistories of Kataka and Wandaronggu to discuss their needs of support and how best to give our support.

During our discussions it became clear that both these consistories needed our support for the work of mission they were busy with. The needs are mainly financial, but also encouragement, some guidance and our prayers. 

We made agreements with the GGRI Kataka to support the mission post at Petawang using Evangelist Benyamin Rohi to work and live at this post, and with the GGRI Wandaronggu to support the mission post at KanjongaLitang using Evangelist Stefanus Kambombu to work and live at this post. Both these mission posts were visited during our visit to Sumba. We also visited the mission post of Kataka at Hanggaruro but at this time there was no request to support this mission post.

Within the mission agreements (along with other things) we promised to visit and meet with both consistories and visit the mission posts at least once per year and to support the cost of the evangelists Salaries to the amount agreed between us, as well as some transport costs and housing costs. The consistory of Kataka and Wandaronggu as well as the evangelists in turn would send reports 4 times per year; the consistories would also supervise the work of the evangelists we support.

Since this time we have managed to send delegates twice per year (generally during the month of February/ March and  September/October) and have supported the cost of building a number of manses and church buildings, purchased motorbikes for transport, bought study books, bibles and psalm books, some medical costs and other expenses.

During the Year 2004 one of the mission posts of GGRI Wandarongu at Wera instituted and took over responsibility of the mission Post at KanjongaLitang. New agreements were signed with the GGRI Wera to continue to support the post at KanjongaLitang.

Since this time the number of mission posts we support has increased.

We now support the GGRI Kataka with the following mission Posts:  Petawang, Hanggaruro, LaeHobu, Lae Wunga and TanaBanas in West Sumba. We also had been supporting a mission post at LaeHuil close to Kataka but this post has since closed.

We continue to support GGRI Wera with the mission post at KanjongaLitang and some small financial support for a mission post at Wairinding. We have also supported mission posts in Lapori, Maubukul and one other village but these have all closed due to a lack of interest from the unbelievers living in these villages.

The post at kanjongaLitang arrange a special program to celebrate Christmas and Easter by inviting the neighborhood to listen to a message and a discussion followed by a big meal, we also support the cost of these programs.

As of last year we also support the GGRI of Kalu with a mission post in Malang, however we have not yet managed to visit this new mission post. This mission post is served by Evangelist Muriwali Yanto Matalu.

Since we have become involved with supporting mission work in Indonesia the ties between us as sister churches of Indonesia have strengthened.

There now is support arranged and given by Children of Light Australia for a boarding home in Melolo and a new School in Kanjonga.

Mission Aid also supports a number of building and health projects.

Amos Aid has been established to offer aid in the way of Mosquito nets, digging of water wells, education support program for university students etc.

Deacon to deacons’ assistance has also been arranged for the sick and the very poor.

The Theological School was opened again in 2003 which was closed for many years.

By July 2007 the FRC of Rockingham had grown to the point that another church was instituted as FRC of Baldivis. The FRC of Baldivis continued to support the work of mission in Sumba together with the church of Rockingham.

The FRC of Rockingham is responsible for the work and the FRC of Baldivis continues to be a supporting church, however the mission committee receives its members from both congregations.

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